Science & Technology 

Syllabus (10th) 

Course Structure of Science and Technology

Distribution of MarksMarks
Theme 1 : Measurement
Module-1 : Measurement in Science & Technology4
Theme 2 : Matter Around Us
Module-2 : Matter - Structure and Behaviour12
Theme 3 : Energy
Module-3 : Motion and Force5
Module-4 : Energy14
Theme 4 : The Universe
Module-5 : The Universe and our Earth6
Theme 5 : Natural Resources and Our Environment
Module-6 : Our Environment and Natural Resources8
Module-7 : Man Made Resources and Environmental Problems5
Theme 6 : The Living World
Module-8 : Life Processes17
Module-9 : Health, Hygiene and Diseases4
Module-10 : Agricultural Practices4
Theme 7 : Technological Developments
Module-11:Technology and Communication6
Total (Theory)85
Grand Total100

Science and Technology (212) Course

Module 1 : Measurement in ScienceModule 5 : The Living World
1. Measurement in Science and Technology19. Classification of Living Organisms
Module 2 : Matter in our Surroundings20. History of Life on Earth
2. Matter in Our Surroundings21. Building Blocks of Life - Cell and Tissues
3. Atom and Molecules22. Life Processes - 1 : Nutrition, Transportation, Respiration and Excretion
4. Chemical Reaction and Equations23. Life Processes - 2 : Control and Coordination
5. Atomic Structure24. Life Processes - 3 : Reproduction
6. Periodic Classification of Elements25. Heredity
7. Chemical BondingModule 6 : Natural Resources
8. Acids, Bases and Salts26. Air and Water
Module 3 : Moving Things27. Metals and Non-metals
9. Motion and its Description28. Carbon and Its Compounds
10. Force and MotionModule 7 : Humans and Environment
11. Gravitation29. Natural Environment
Module 4 : Energy30. Human Impact on Environment
12. Sources of Energy31. Food Production
13. Work and Energy 32. Health and Hygiene
14. Thermal Energy
14. Light Energy
16. Electrical Energy
17. Magnetic Effect of Electric Current
18. Sound and Communication

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