Painting Syllabus (12th) 

Course Structure of Painting

Mode of Evaluation Duration in hoursMarks
Practical (Three Papers)
Part I : Object Drawing20
         Composition and Drawing (8)
         Treatment of Media(8)
         Overall impression(4)
Part II : Painting and Composition20
         Compositional arrangement including emphasis on the subject expressed (8)
         Treatment of media (8)
         Overall impression (4)
Part III : Folk Art as Motif115
         Design and Layout (10)
         Overall impression (5)
Portfolio SubmissionSelf Paced15
         Complete work (5)
         Quality of work (5)
         Presentation (5)

Painting (332) Course

SyllabusPainting (Practical Guidelines)
L-1 Art of Indus Valley Civilization1. Study And Draw Basic Shapes And Volume Of Objects In Individual And Group
L-2 Art From Maurya To Gupta Period2. Differentiate between the man made and natural objects.
L-3 Ajanta Caves3. Use of light and Shade to achieve volume and depth in terms of perspective.
L-4 Temple Art And Sculpture4. Study of rhythm, harmony, balance and texture.
L-5 Indian Bronzes5. Application of primary, secondary and complementary cool and warm colours according to the need of the composition.
L-6 Indo- Islamic Architecture6. Arrangement of forms in pictorial space after assimilation of elements studied.
L-7 Mughal School7. Create composition to express feelings and emotions.
L-8 Rajasthani School Of Painting8. Documentaion of visual experience, capture the movement, mood and the characteristics with instant perception.
L-9 Pahari School Of Miniature Painting9. Manifest forms from stored perception of studies of visual experience in the memory.
L-10 Deccan School Of Painting10. Study the traditional folk motifs.
L-11 Company School11. Study of methods and materials of folk art.
L-12 Pioneers Of Contemporary Art Movements In India
L-13 Contemprary Art Of India
L-14 Folk Painting
Painting Practical Syllabus
L-1 Object Drawing
L-2 Nature Study
L-3 Fundamentals Of Painting
L-4 Composition
L-5 Sketching From Life And Memory
L-6 Folk Art As Motif

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