Mass Communication Syllabus (12th) 

Course Structure of Mass Communication

Module Name of the LessonPage No.
I. Introduction to Mass Communication1. Introduction to Communication1
2. Mass Communication21
3. Role and impact of mass media33
4. Development communication40
II. Print Media5. Introduction to print media48
6. What is news?68
7. Reporting and editing80
8. Language press in India104
III. Radio9. Characteristics of radio116
10. The radio station126
11. Formats of radio programmes136
12. Radio programme production147
Appendix - AMass Communication Curriculum
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IV. Television13. Television in India1
14. Role of television as a mass medium17
15. Television channels36
16. Television program production47
V. Advertising and Public Relations17. Advertising - an introduction64
18. Advertising- an industry79
19. Public relations - an introduction91
20. Public relations - tools105
VI. New Media21. Characteristics of new media118
22. New media: the industry130
23. New media: target audience137
24. New media: employment opportunities144
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VII A. Traditional Media25. Introduction to traditional media1
26. Types of traditional media9
27. Comparison of traditional media with electronic media23
28. Communication through traditional media32
VII B. Photo Journalism25. Introduction to photography41
26. The camera49
27. Photo Journalism56
28. Role of a photo Journalist65
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