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Geography Syllabus (12th) 

Course Structure of Geography

1The Earth – A Living Planet3
2The Domain of Air on the Planet Earth8
3The Domain of Water on the Planet Earth4
4Changing Face of the Planet Earth12
5Life on the Earth8
6Physical Setting in India8
7Natural Resources and their Development in India7
8Man-made Resources and their development in India12
9Human Resource and their Development in India8
10Optional Module10
A.Teaching of Geography at Primary Level
B.Geography of Tourism in India
C.Field Work in Geography
11Map and its Elements5
12Map Interpretation5
13Statistical Diagram5
14Practical Record Book & Viva Voce5

Geography (316) Course

Book 1Book 2Book 3
Module 1 : The Study of Geography as a Discipline Module 6 : The Physical setting of IndiaModule 10A : Local area Planning
Lesson 1. Nature of Geography as a disciplineLesson 16. India-Physical FeaturesLesson 30. Local area Planning
Module 2 : Changing Face of the EarthLesson 17. Climate of IndiaLesson 31. Data collection, Processing and Analysis
Lesson 2. Earth's interior and its MaterialLesson 18. Natural DisastersLesson 32. Recommendations through case studies
Lesson 3. Dynamic surface of the earth Module 7 : Natural resource and their Development in IndiaModule 10B : Geography of Tourism in India
Lesson 4. Evolution of Land forms due to internal forcesLesson 19. Our ResourcesLesson 30. Tourism-Concept, Resources and Development
Lesson 5. The work of running water and underground waterLesson 20. Land, Soil and Vegetation Resources in IndiaLesson 31. Development of Infrastructure and Growth of Tourism
Lesson 6. The work of moving ice, wind and sea wavesLesson 21. Our Water ResourcesLesson 32. Prospects and Problems of Tourism
Lesson 7. Major landforms and their economic significance Module 8 : Economic Activities and Infrastructural development in India
Module 3 : The Domain of the Water on the EarthLesson 22. Land Use and Agriculture
Lesson 8. Ocean: sub marine relief and circulation of ocean waterLesson 23. Development of Mineral and Energy Resources
Module 4 : The Domain of Air on the EarthLesson 24. Industrial Development
Lesson 9. Structure and composition of atmosphereLesson 25. Transport, Communication and Trade in India
Lesson 10. Insolation and temperature Module 9 : Human Resource Development in India
Lesson 11. Atmospheric pressure and windsLesson 26. Population Density, Distribution and Growth in India
Lesson 12. Humidity and precipitationLesson 27. Population Composition in India
Lesson 13. Weather and climateLesson 28. Human Development
Module 5 : The Domain of Life on the EarthLesson 29. Human Settlement
Lesson 14. Biosphere
Lesson 15. Biomes

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