Environmental Science Syllabus (12th) 

Environmental Science Course

Module 1 : Environment through AgesModule 6 : Sustainable Development
1. Origin of Earth and Evolution of the Environment1. Origin and concept of Sustainable Development
2. Environment and Human Society2. Modern Agriculture
3. Degradation of Natural Environment3. Concept of Sustainable Agriculture
Module 2 : Ecological Concepts and Issues4. Clearner Technology
1. Principles of EcologyModule 7 : Environmental Management
2. Ecosystem1. Environmental Legislation
3. Natural Ecosystem2. Environmental Impact assesment
4. Human Modified Ecosystems3. Environmental Related Institutions and Organisations
Module 3 : Human Impact on Environment4. Environmental Ethics and Gandhian Approach
1. Human societiesModule 8A : Water Resource Management
2. Deforestation1. Global Circulation of Water
Module 4 : Contemporary Environment Issues2. Ground water Resources
1. Environmental Pollution3. Fresh water Resources
2. Environment and Health4. Methods of water Harvesting
3. Disasters and their Management5. Water Conservation at Different Levels
4. National Environmental IssuesModule 8B : Energy and Environment
5. Global Environmental Issues1. Importance of Energy in society
Module 5 : Environmental Conversation2. Non-Renewable Sources of energy
1. Biodiversity Conversation3. Renewable Sources of energy - I
2. Conservation of other Natural Resources4. Renewable Sources of energy - II
3. Conservation of Soil and Land5. Energy Conservation
4. Water and Energy Conservation

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