Economics Syllabus (10th) 

Course Structure of Economics

S. No.Title of the Module Marks Hours
1Evolution and Characteristics of Wants 715
2Human Wants and Production820
3Increasing Production of Goods and Services715
4Distribution of Goods and Services715
5Buying of Goods and Services715
6Selling of Goods and Services823
7Savings: Banks, Post Offices and Insurance820
8Indian Economy : An overview and problems1950
9World Economy1025
10Environment and Sustainable Development1025

Economics (214) Course

Module 1 : Understanding EconomicsModule 5 : Money, Banking and Insurance
1. What is Economics14. Money and Its Roles
2. Human Wants15. Banking and Credit
3. Goods and Services16. Savings and Insurance
Module 2 : About Economy17. Collection and Presentation of Data
4. Economy - Its Meaning and Types18. Analysis of Data
5. Central Problems of an Economy19. An Overview of Indian Economy
6. Basic Economic Activities20. Sectoral Aspects of Indian Economy
Module 3 : Producing Goods and Services21. Challenges before Indian Economy
7. Production 22. Indian Economy in Global Context
8. Cost and RevenueModule 8: Contemporary Economic Issues
Module 4 : Distribution of Goods and Services23. Environment and Sustainable Development
9. Demand24. Consumer Awareness
10. Supply
11. Determination of Price and Quantity
12. Market
13. Role of Government in Determination of Price and Quantity System

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